HackRF Jawbreaker Fully Supported In Neopwn v3.0

HackRF Jawbreaker on Neopwn Samsung Galaxy Note

We are proud to announce full support in the upcoming Neopwn v3.0 release for the HackRF Jawbreaker. The release will support libhackrf and hackrf-tools, along with full GNURadio support. Our repository will stay up to date with new HackRF firmware and software as they are released.

(neopwn)~$ hackrf_info
 Found HackRF board. Board ID Number: 1 (Jawbreaker)
 Firmware Version: 2013.06.1
 Part ID Number: 0xbc5f4355 0xbc5f4355
 Serial Number: 0x00000000 0x00000000

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