Mobile Penetration Testing

Neopwn is an advanced penetration testing and radio frequency auditing platform designed to run on mobile phones and tablets. We were the first to ever release a security auditing distribution for a mobile phone, and we continue to push the envelope in supporting the latest bleeding-edge tools and hardware.

Several options exist for local and remote control of the Neopwn system, including:

  • Android-based control panel application for system management 
  • Desktop interface via VNC, for full X windows programs
  • Shell access with native Android terminal emulation applications
  • Quick application access with native Android desktop icon launchers
  • Remote access through VPN and SSH


The Neopwn system is a customized Linux operating system based on Debian 8 (Jessie), with numerous custom software packages. The component models have been designed to run on ARM-based hardware in both a chrooted Android pentesting environment as well as natively installed on select platforms.

A wide array of powerful open-source penetration testing tools and radio frequency analysis software makes up the core. Whether you're performing a wired or wireless network assessment, radio spectrum analysis, or a Hail Mary penetration test the Neopwn platform has the tools that will meet most operators' needs, with extensibility.

Hardware Integration

Our platform provides seamless integration with numerous USB and Bluetooth based hardware peripherals. Upcoming releases will also support native RFMON (monitor mode) and 802.11 packet injection support for several mobile phone and tablet models.